Sarawak is a literary mystery game set in Oxford and Borneo.

Sarawak will appeal to players who enjoy the cosy pleasures of sinking into an old-fashioned mystery novel as well as the thrill of a classic puzzler game.

Sarawak is a text-based narrative adventure. Gameplay is split between interactive narrative choices and point-and-click puzzles. Featuring stunning and unique illustrations by artist Marina Sciberras, players will need to open locks and doors, discover secret rooms, hack into police equipment, pore through newspaper archives, and light up a jungle research station to progress the game and solve the central mystery. Sarawak will appeal to players who enjoyed the likes of 80 Days, A Case of Distrust, LucasArts adventure games or Agatha Christie novels.

The premise is that a university professor is found dead outside the player's hotel, and the police arrest their holiday companion for the murder. The professor left a trail of secrets, which the player must solve to continue with the story. The more the player unravels, the more conflicted they will become as they start to question who is lying and who is telling the truth.

About us

Sarawak is the first project by Cowleyfornia Studios, a husband and wife team based in Oxford. Duncan has written the engine, and Marina has done the artwork and writing. Our backgrounds are in software development and writing, and we both love books, puzzles and games.

In Sarawak we have merged these interests with something that has both the interactivity of a game along with the narrative flexibility of a book.


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