Sarawak update: The cogs are spinning!
18 August 2020

We reached an important milestone this week. The words have been written, the puzzles created, the characters drawn, major bugs exterminated. That can only mean one thing: Sarawak is now playable from start to finish.

Cogs are spinning

We told ourselves we'd take a week off to celebrate and take a bit of a breather. Our trip to Malta that we had booked for this week was cancelled due to the virus, so we fired up the barbeque and drank lager in the torrential rain here in Oxford instead. Not quite the same as drinking Cisk on the beach with our friends, but honestly, it felt great. Anyway, our time off has resulted in us brainstorming ideas for our next game, which is always a lot of fun.

Fancy beta-testing?

Sarawak is soon ready for a proper playtest, so give me a shout if you're interested in being one of our beta testers. We'd be very grateful!

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