Iron Roads

Design, build and run train networks to take people and cargo to the towns and places they need to be. Build tracks, buy trains, and set their routes in this top down, 2D train management game.

Create a far-reaching train network

Set up train networks connecting your towns and industries. Build infrastructure, buy trains, and fine-tune their routes and timetables to optimise your network.

Stay on the rails

But don't get complacent! As you progress, opportunities, requests and family interference may come your way and threaten to upheave the little train utopia you've just built..


- All your passengers have a destination in mind; your job is to get them there as efficiently as possible

- Connect train stations by laying tracks, and adding tunnels, bridges, one-way systems and no-stop zones as needed

- Buy different trains according to the service's needs and your budget

- Accept or reject grant opportunites that have the potential to make or break your empire

- Streamline your network's services and watch your towns and industries grow

Press Kit

Read more about Iron Roads in our press kit.

About us

We are Marina and Duncan, and we develop games and art inspired by our love for adventure games, literature, puzzles and travelling. While we don't have defined roles, Duncan tends to be responsible for writing the engine and game design, and Marina does the writing and illustrations. Cowleyfornia is a nickname for the area of Oxford in the UK where our little studio is based.

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